Development of CAR-T cell based on a newly identified tumor antigen

MJ Cellbio – Beyond New Horizon



General CAR-T

T cells engineered to attack and destroy only cancer cells by introducing chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) recognizing the antigens on tumor cells.

What makes MJCellBio CAR-T therapy different from others

  • CAR-T using a physiological ligand instead of antibody based scFv

  • The binding affinity to the tumor associated antigen is higher than general scFv.
  • In case of CAR-T cells based on antibodies (scFv), the variation in the binding sites (epitope) may have significant adverse effects on the function of CAR-T cells.
  • Our ligand based CAR is relatively easier to adjust binding affinity to the target antigen to ensure safety by decreasing on-target off-tumor cytotoxicity.

CAR-T Treatment

* LV : Lentivirus gene delivery system

CAR-T Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity