Development of CAR-T cell based on a newly identified tumor antigen

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Pipeline R&D Stage Characteristics
Basic research Preclinical research Phase I~III
  • MJCellBio CAR-T cells seems to have superior specificity to Mesothelin
  • Plans to apply for an orphan drug during early development stage
Cy- / Home-CAR-T Development of CAR with cytokine or chemokine receptor to enhance function and/or localization
Uni CAR-T Development of off-the-shelf CAR-T cells using genome editing
NK cell Development of therapy by using NK cells active even in tumor microenvironment (hypoxia)
ETC Development of immunotherapy using combination of Neo-antigen and tumor associated antigen peptides
ROP T CELL Development of antigen-specific T-cell therapy using ROP (recombinant overlapping peptide) of Oxford Vacmedix

Pipeline Development of MJCELLBIO

CAR-T Therapy Is Now Realized and Getting Competitive