Development of CAR-T cell based on a newly identified tumor antigen

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Development Strategy

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Development Strategy

  • Development of first-in-class CAR-T cell therapy for a pancreatic cancer

  • Early intervention with next generation CAR-T therapy on a pancreatic cancer for which we have no efficient treatment option resulting in short survival time.
  • While safety and efficacy are ensured, minimize the term of clinical study
  • Optimize the dose and delivery route of CAR-T cells
  • Extended application on other solid tumors using the same CAR
  • Development of next-generation CAR-T therapy to overcome tumor microenvironment and minimize side effects

  • Overcome tumor microenvironment by introducing cytokine together with CAR (Cy-CAR) having enhanced CAR activities
  • Minimization of toxicity using inducible cytokine expression and release system
  • Development of CAR with chemokine receptors (Home CAR) for increased trafficking into tumor sites
  • Ready to use CAR : ‘Off-the-shelf’ universal CAR-T cells (Uni-CAR)

  • Allogeneic CAR-T cells for immediate treatment on decision
  • Development of CAR to use in T cells or NK cells

Strategy to develop CAR-T cell therapy

Development Strategy – Partners

  • Professor Kyung-Mi Lee at Korea University

  • Complete transfer and verification of CAR-T technology
  • Networking with domestic and overseas researchers to form collaboration networks
  • Advisors on development of CAR-T technology and immune cell (NK cell and T cell) therapies
  • Collaboration with Myongji Hospital

  • Establish a streamlined cooperative research system between MJCellBio and Myongji Hospital.
  • Cooperation with clinical staff at Myongji Hospital to discuss about clinical applications on unmet medical demand and development of anti-cancer immunotherapy to carry out clinical trials and increase the possibility of success for therapies.
  • Prepare IRB review of Myongji Hospital to ensure ethical basis for the research. Conduct researches by obtaining human-derived materials such as blood, and tissues under the consent on gene analysis.
  • Mayo Clinic is the affiliated hospital with Myongji Hospital and is the biggest research-oriented hospital in the world. Through regular meetings and consulting with Mayo Clinic, MJCellBio has learned and will learn more about CAR-T therapy from clinically experienced experts. We will also establish collaboration networks with research staff to create an opportunity to develop global anti-cancer immunotherapy ultimately.

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